There are certain habits that you can acquire if you have proposed to be more intelligent. They are small gestures that, with a little dedication, will bring you great results. Be more curious: with access to the Internet today there are fewer excuses not to find out what you want to know. In addition, research will make you smarter because, little by little, you will develop effective search skills to get the information you want to find about the lifestyle and the residential lift maintenance.

  • Read more: everything you can read is little. To be more intelligent you must become a voracious reader because in that way you will expose yourself to a whole universe of ideas and information. If you are a slow reader, you can learn agile reading techniques. And as you read, consider taking notes and even look up one or two words in the dictionary.
  • Learn a new word every day: use the dictionary to read the definition of a word you do not know, and then practice it during the day.
  • Teach: you can volunteer to transmit to others what you know. If you share your knowledge and skills with the rest, you will not only remember it better yourself, but you will also find that the other person’s questions will help you realize how smart you are.
  • Experiment: having fun is a way of being smarter, apparently. For example, wash your teeth with the opposite hand.
  • Sleep well: the ideal is about 6-8 hours a day. And, if you can, take a 20-minute nap at noon. Surround yourself with smart people: habits are socially contagious. The thoughts of the people with whom you spend most of your time will end up being part of you; choose well with whom you relate. You can look for people who are efficient in residential lift maintenance!
  • Exercise: the most important thing to keep the brain functioning is to have the good physical condition. If you have time to exercise regularly, bet on the couple’s dance, such as salsa or tango, or for sports such as tennis. These activities require rapid decision making and the storage of large amounts of information, so they are good for the body and the brain. It is scientifically proven that physical exercise favours the neurogenesis or production of new neurons (brain regeneration) that can make you more intelligent.

Brain training

Doing hobbies, writing daily or learning a new language are activities that will improve your brain health and make you smarter. Use mnemonic rules to memorize things in different ways.

  • Learn: consider the challenge of learning a new skill. Choose something you would like to learn to do, such as playing an instrument, or a task that you do not like, such as cooking, or mathematics, and concentrate on it. At first, you may feel uncomfortable or even less intelligent than you felt before, but if you study or practice with dedication you will make new connections in your mind and, little by little, your confidence will increase.
  • Make hobbies: puzzles, sudoku and games based on words or numbers are ideal to keep the brain always in shape. Also the mathematical and geometrical exercises and even the simple like the Super Mario, have a visible impact on the flexibility of the brain.
  • Write daily: if you want to be smarter, try to exercise your brain and write a little every day.

Learn a new language: it has been shown that bilingual people have a greater volume of grey matter in the frontal and parietal lobes and the people who do residential lift maintenance, are too skilled. The grey matter is responsible for processing information, including memory, speech and sensory perception.