Do you know what the power of the mind can help you do? Burt Goldman is is in mid 80s, and he is no different from his age mates – he savors peace and quietness, really enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, and sitting to a high-quality book is more than great to him.He admits that he is beyond his physical prime, but he has known and applied the power of the mind to pull off several successes that he still can’t wrap around his head. A few include:

  • Started painting just before he turned 80 – and his pieces of work are in the museum as a proof
  • He had no knowledge in photography, but his photographs found positions into the International Photography Hall of Fame in the city of Oklahoma.
  • Out of the blues, he got inspired to write several novels – inclusive of his first Western.
  • Started his million-dollar online business

Within a span of a few years, how on earth would it be possible for a very normal senior citizen like Burt realize not one, but several goals that take some people their whole lives chasing.

I Know this Sounds Crazy – But with the Power of the Mind, It does Work!

What would your reaction be if I came to you (am serious); that the key to all that you have ever desired in life – talent, success, health, wealth, happiness, beach houses – are hiding in alternate versions of the universe we live in?

It is possible that you will either, back up slowly and RUN, or gaze at me as if I’ve gone bananas – and I wouldn’t blame you for either of these actions at this juncture.

But I’m presenting you something great here, so you can humour me for the moment. Whether you do believe in the existence of alternate universes or not, for argument’s sake, just imagine that they do. This bit of the power of the mind is possible, right?

Furthermore, imagine that there are alternate versions of you, living their lives, similar to you.

However, since they are in alternate universes, they have made different life choices and therefore have different skills and experiences – they will therefore be anything from great poets, CEO s, farmers, janitors, great online marketers, leaders, lawyers to any different lifestyle or profession you mind can tell you. They have already accessed and used the power of the mind. Can you picture that? Fantastic…

I Know That We’re Still Waiting To See Flying Cars, Though Sci-Fi Movies Foresaw Something Accurate…And that is the reality-defying act of jumping to alternate universes.

That’s it, I am not joking, and it is no metaphor for something different – Burt Goldman spent 31 years doing research in fields like yoga, hypnosis, remote viewing, and psychology, among others.

He has carried out experiments, tweaked, waited for supportive scientific evidence to prove these findings. And he’s finally prepared to present to you the influential technique Burt discovered, that through the combination of progressive mental methodologies thant enhance the power of the mind, they permit anyone to immediately access the alternate universes, and communicate with their alternate versions.

This is the technique that has stemmed all of his life’s achievements, changed his students’ lives for the better, and will do it this time for you. Why? Okay, think about this. Imagine having the chance to communicate to the alternate you who have made various choices in life. You will therefore have the chance to get precise tips to improve the power of the mind. Think of the ways you could reap from all their experiences, learn the skills and make greater decisions.

I would view it as discovering a true potential. One you might have never possibly met, had you not made touch with your Universal Self – the Self that you were meant to be.

The Power of the Mind will help you Become Your Smarter Self. Your Richer Self. Your Healthier Self.

Appreciatively, you do not need to be a geek to be a master in Quantum Jumping. You only need to open you mind, and be willing to learn. Once you learn it you will be in a position to access the untapped power of your mind to ‘jump’ to alternate universes, and pay visits to alternate versions of You, who possess all the skills, knowledge as well as experience you desire.